Driving from Dharamshala, it will take around one hour by road to reach Kangra Fort on the outskirts of Old Kangra. This fort was constructed by Katoch Dynasty which belongs to the Trigarta Kingdom and is mentioned in Mahabharata also. The Fort is erected on a steep rock between the confluence of “Majhi” and “Banganga” rivers. Various rulers like Mahmud Ghazni(1009), Feroz Shah Tughluq (1360), Sher Shah (1540) and Akbar attacked this fort but were unable to conquer it. Later Akbar’s son Jahangipuri successfully captured the fort in 1620 after a long blockade of more than one year. To mitigate the decline of Mughals control over Kangra fort, the Katoch kings kept on making efforts to weaken the rule of Mughals. Finally, Raja Sansar Chand II gained control over his ancestor’s fort. He then fought many battles along with Gurkhas and Maharaja Ranjit Singh. However, Gurkhas left the fort after Gurkha-Sikh war (1809). At last in 1846 fort was taken over by British.
On 4th April 1905, the Fort was massively impaired due to an earthquake of 7.8 Richter. The scriptures and remains of the Fort are now kept inside the museum which is to the left of the entrance. The museum also provides audio guides by paying some amount. Reaching the top of Kangra Fort you can see the beauty of the magnificent Kangra valley around it. Jayanti Mata Temple built by Gurkha Army on the next hill is also visible from here.

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