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The city has mostly been inhabited by Hindus and Tibetans who were here in 1959 when Dalai Lama and his followers were allowed to settle in McLeod Ganj where they formed the Government-in-exile. Apart from being situated in the hill city of India, this part of the city resembles Lahsa; capital of Tibet from the cultural point of view. For this reason, Dharamshala is also called “Dhasa” For Buddhist devotees, the place has been more than a home since the Namgyal Monastery serves the religious purpose for this place. Not only this monastery but Mcleod Ganj is a home for many other monasteries as well where monks reside. These monasteries serve to bring tourists close to the sacred religion known as Buddhism. The cultural atmosphere here is thus very much influenced by Buddhist and Hindu style of living.

As Himachal Pradesh is known as Land of Gods, therefore, you will find many Hindu temples here in Dharamshala and around it. One of the most famous and unique Ancient Hindu shrines of the world “The Jawalamukhi Temple”, is near Dharamshala. For centuries the eternal Flame coming out of the high rocks of Himalayas has welcomed millions of Faith followers.

There is so much to see here which can give you an interesting walk down the history lanes. The ancient 200 years old Shiva Temple in Mcleodganj. The healing energy of Dal Lake where hundred-year-old fishes stay untouched. Discover the High Energy Zones (Shakti-Peeths) manifestations of the Goddess Durga at the historical Temples of Barjeshwari and Chamunda Devi.

There are many Buddhist Cultural and Health & Healing spots in Dharamshala. You can pray for Peace at the Dalai Lama Monastery, Attend the Vedic Teachings at the Dalai Lama Monastery, Feel the magical aura of the Holy Oracle of Dalai Lama. Energise yourself with yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and massage. Enjoy Tibetian cooking classes, Local Dhams (Village Feast). Relax with refreshing nature walks among green paddy fields. Explore tea gardens in the quiet beauty of the Hills and climb soft day trek to Ancient snake temple and snow-covered Moon Peak in the Himalayas.

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