The city has mostly been inhabited by Hindus and Tibetans who were here in 1959 when Dalai Lama and his followers were allowed to settle in McLeod Ganj where they formed the Government-in-exile. Apart from being situated in the hill city of India, this part of the city resembles Lahsa; capital of Tibet from the

Captain Vikram Batra – The Legend of Kargil war was from a beautiful town of Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. Born on 9th September 1974, commisioned as a lieutenant in Indian Army on 6th December 1997 in 13th battalion of J&K Rifles (13 JAK Rifles). On completion of his training at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh he was

Shaktipeeth When Mother Sati became enraged by Shiva’s insult by the father, after sacrificing his life by jumping into the yagna kund of his father Raja Dakha, then the angry Lord Shiva walked around in the whole creation with his body. In order to calm Shiva’s anger, Lord Vishnu broke the body of Mother Sati

Meeting the Dalai Lama is a dream of a lifetime for many people, a blessing, and an intense spiritual experience. It is also difficult so don’t plan on it. It requires a good deal of luck. If you really want to meet him, the first thing to do is make sure that His Holiness is

Meclodganj, also known as little Lhasa (situated at an elevation of 2,082 meters) is a magnificent hill station or a town which is located in the outskirts of Dharamshala in Kangra district of Himachal is the home of Dalai Lama(spiritual leader of Tibetans). Meclodganj is surrounded by majestic hills and lush green valleys. It

Dharamshala, a place located in the Himachal Pradesh, is not less than a piece of heaven on the earth. With its calm weather and picturesque scenery, it has won the heart of every tourist, who visited there. From ages, this place is popular for its combination of natural beauty and the culture of Tibetan. Dharamshala